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Quran Urdu Translation


The recitation of Quran is duty of every Muslim and they are performing it very well. It also the duty of Muslims to not only recites but also to understand the true meanings of Quran’s text. Muslims are not speaking only one language so to give them translation in their own language and help them out in understanding the true meaning of Quran’s text we brought an app for Urdu speaking peoples in which they will recite The Holy Quran and also learn the Urdu meaning of the Quran’s Text.Our app has so many features which will help you to understand the Urdu translation and we also make the Arabic text clear and visible that you can read the text easily. Recitation of Quran is now very easy and you can carry your Quran anywhere with you. With this android app you will find Quran very easy to learn and it will also gives the translation in such a great way that will affect your heart and you will find yourself close to Allah.
In this app we also included the videos of famous Qaris in which they recite the Quran and we also included the English Translation of Quran Pak. In our app you will find the combination of both English and Urdu language translations with the videos of famous Qaris.